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Hi! Welcome to my site for Italian-lovers, Italian-learners!

If you are an absolute beginner here I come with a short summary of the most important information about studying with me.

In case you need any other information, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Under the menu Esercizi gratuiti you can find free exercises in various topics and categories.

If you need some help for certain themes to study, click on Materiali didattici‘!

On the Instagram page of Pillole d’italiano you can find quiz and funny materials, while on facebook you can join the free group to practice with me, to chat with other Italian-lovers and to be in good company!

For individual or group lessons click on Corsi di lingua or send me a message!

Hope you find what’s for you!

Oh yes, almost forgot: if you need any kind of exercise you couldn’t find, click on ‘Il mio desiderio’ button on the home page to wish! 😉

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